Storage Solutions – How to Make Good use of the Limited Space

If the clutter in your bedroom is giving you headaches, you should seriously start looking for ways on how to organize your stuff. Schedule a general cleaning so that you can use one of those Vacuum Fox recommended robotic vacuums to get rid of the dust and dirt that have accumulated. It is just amazing what they can do to transform your room from something that is such a big mess to a room where you can relax and unwind after a long day. Then, do the following things to find more storage space for your things and make your bedroom clean and tidy.

Tidy up your dresser

The clothes that you store in your dresser drawers should be neatly folded so that space is used up more efficiently. Place all short sleeve shirts together in one drawer, all shorts in another, underwear probably in the topmost one, and pants in the bottommost section. By doing things this way, it will be easier for you to find the appropriate things to wear right when you need them.

Organize your closet

You cannot just throw stuff into your closet and keep the doors shut to hide the big mess there. You have to exert time and effort to go through every item in there to find a way to organize everything and make space. Have enough hangers to be able to hang some of your clothes. Have storage boxes or shelves in there too to accommodate your scarves, belts, hats, and other accessories. Once your closet is tidy and organized, you will be able to easily find your favorite winter gloves or coat before you head out of the house.

Use multi-purpose furniture

Yes, it is nice to have a small couch, ottoman, or desk to enhance the interior design of your bedroom or living room. But, you should strongly consider getting something that offers extra storage space that you can use. Instead of a regular two-seater sofa, get one that has a hidden compartment under the seat where you can keep your blankets, pillow cases, sheets, and linens. Rather than one big, bulky, wooden work desk for your computer, why not get a smaller one that comes with several drawers and shelves for your gadgets and other devices?

Find more space under your bed

Usually, the space found under the bed is left without use. So, instead of letting it gather dust, candy wrappers, crumpled pieces of paper, and others, you should make the most out of that extra space by moving some of your boxes or containers of your stuff there from behind your bedroom door or someplace else.