Five Things You Need to Prepare Before Bringing Home a New Puppy

Becoming a dog owner is a huge responsibility. Dogs are cute and loving and all that but taking care of them could be quite a chore. It’s like having another baby in the house that needs a lot of love and attention. You can’t just leave him there, feed him and do nothing more. In fact, whether you chose to adopt or buy a puppy, the expenses will never stop – food, veterinarian fees, toys, etc. are only some of the things you need to spend on. So before you decide whether you can care for a puppy at home, put these things into consideration. If you have already made a decision, here are some things you need to prepare before bringing home a new puppy.

1. Feeding Dish

There should be at least two of these. Of course, your puppy has to eat. There should be a feeding dish for his food and a bowl for water. You can place these in the kitchen or another area in your home that you don’t mind messing a bit. You can’t control the excitement of dogs as they eat so expect spills here and there – so you better not put this in a carpeted area.

2. Dog Food

You need to prepare dog food before the dog comes home with you. Soon enough, he will be hungry. Here’s a tip – dog food is healthy for dogs because it is already packed with all the nutrients your fur child needs. If you don’t prepare dog food and feed him table food instead, he wouldn’t want to eat his dog food anymore and will beg you for table food all the time. It is best to make sure that dog food is always readily available.

3. A Sleeping Blanket or Pillow

Unless you don’t mind him sleeping on the bed with you, as early as the first day your puppy comes home, he should already have his own bed. This way, he will get used to staying in his own bed rather than climbing up to your own space in the middle of the night.

4. Dog Shampoo and Hair Dryer

Hair DryersTo keep your dog smelling fresh all the time, you should bathe him every few days or so. You need dog shampoo for this – not your own shampoo. After bathing, toweling him dry won’t be enough. You can also use your own hair dryer if that’s fine with you but if you want a separate hair dryer for your dog, you can always buy one since there are many ones that sell cheap anyway. If you have a larger dog, then you should consider getting a larger one, more powerful hair dryer otherwise it will take forever to dry him off after a bath. You can find your favorite at Oomphed!

5. Dog Toys

Puppies and full-grown dogs like munching on things when they’re bored. When they’re little, they also go through a teething stage. If you don’t want your furniture or your shoes to get chewed off, then better prepare some dog toys.