Five Fun and Useful Things You Can Do Offline

Admit it. Most of us spend hours every day on the Internet. Sometimes, we even sacrifice several hours before we sleep browsing on our Facebook and Instagram feed, reading our Twitter timeline, etc. and end up with only a couple of hours left to actually rest. We wait until our phone’s battery is drained so we can finally let it go while charging it. As soon as it’s fully charged, you’re on the Internet again. Even worse, some people will switch to their laptop if their smartphone’s battery already died.

Truth be told, many of us are so caught up with the Internet that we don’t realize that many of the things we do and most hours of our daily life is spent online. Every once in a while, it is good for us to disconnect. In fact, we have to disconnect to the online world more often so we can spend more time doing things that humans are supposed to do.

If you think that there’s nothing else to do that’s why you’re always online, think again. There are thousands of things you can do which don’t involve the Internet. Here are just a few of them.

1. Cook meals for your family.

Have you spent too much time on Facebook so you ended up ordering pizza for dinner instead? That isn’t a unique story at all because there are so many individuals who lose track of time while they’re online. Why not start cooking for your family instead? Limit your time online – we’re not saying you get rid of it completely but at least limit it. Experiment on recipes and surprise your loved ones with new specialties every mealtime!

2. Exercise.

EllipticalsInstead of lying around all day long with your smartphone in hand, it is time for you to stand up and sweat it out. You can even just take away 30 minutes of the usual time you’d spend online and start working out on the elliptical machine. According to Indoor Ellipticals, 30 minutes daily on an elliptical machine will help you stay fit, lose weight and even become healthier and stronger.

3. Go on coffee dates with friends.

Instead of catching up on your online messaging apps, why not catch up in person instead? Go on coffee dates with your friends or catch a movie together. You can even have dinner together and whoever pulls out his smartphone first to go online will have to pay for the full bill.

4. Write letters to your loved ones.

Handwritten letters are always more special than online messages, emails or text messages. Bring out your pen and pad paper and start writing letters to your mom, dad, siblings, loved ones, etc. It is guaranteed that they will appreciate your letter more than any expensive gift that you can give them because this is no longer a usual gesture or gift!

5. Take a tour around your city.

When was the last time you actually went out? By going out, we don’t mean your office or the mall or the club. Did you know that there are actually tourist spots in your city and there are places that you can visit to check out the history of your hometown? Get a map, wear comfy shoes and bring your camera and begin your tour!

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