Building Your Man-Cave on a Shoestring Budget

Every man dreams about having the perfect man-cave; his inner sanctum in the deepest, dankest corner of the house where he can just sit back, relax, and take a load off in his own world.

And why not?

Imagine this: your own safe haven, your very own inner sanctum reserved just for you and your buds. A place to grab a couple of tall boys, watch the game, hang out, listen to some records on the hi-fi, and get lost in your own paradise.

I know you’re already in your own happy place dreaming about it.

The thing is, man-caves are expensive. Not all of us have large homes, and not all of us have the freedom of Ted Turner’s checkbooks. You can easily run into the tens of thousands, to even hundreds of thousands of dollars constructing your own man-cave.

But you CAN build your own man-cave, no matter where you are, no matter where you live, and no matter what your budget is.

We’ll show you just how easy it is with our list of man-cave essentials for less than $100.

Good Vibrations

Bluetooth Speaker ReviewsEvery man-cave needs some heavy tuneage. There’s a billion great speakers under $100; just to see how many options you really have, check out Speaker Digital’s list of best speakers under $100 ( For our money, nothing beats the Sharkk Speaker Boombox Bluetooth Speakers; with a retail price of $59.99, they are guaranteed to keep your man-cave bumping with over 18 hours of battery life.

Sound and Vision

No man-cave can be without any good TV. At the $100 range, not many will do better than the GPX 23″ LED TV which is guaranteed to light up any budget man-cave. Not bad for $79.95, huh? Time to break out those cold ones for some intense Monday night football action!

Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em

Hosting your very own poker nights at your man-cave will always be a knock-out. Imagine a dank, dimly-lit basement teeming with cigar smoke, cold beer, and the sound of chips slamming on the felt in a tight and hotly-contested poker game. You know plastic chips wouldn’t do – the Da Vinci 500 Poker Set comes complete with clay composite, 2 decks of cards, casino-sized dice, and cut cards to provide that edge and grit to your man-cave. Retails at $49.95.

Vintage Sound

Nothing beats the sound of warm, bright vinyl. If you are a beginner to the culture of vinyl and are intimidated by the sheer number of choices out there in the market, you can’t go wrong with a Maplin ION Duo Deck USB Turntable; this brings all the trappings of retro sound with a futuristic bent. Heck, it can even play cassettes! Its built-in speaker isn’t bad at all, too; you’ll have a blast playing those old Dave Brubeck records and New Order cassettes gathering dust in the basement with this, and bring that old-school 80’s vibe along with it. Retails for $49.

Cold Beverages

A boys’ night out wouldn’t be complete without cold beers always on hand. Remember those days of having to walk up the stairs to grab beers from the fridge just to make sure they’re cold and ready for pounding? Well, those days are GONE. Perhaps one of the most important implements of the modern-day man-cave, which each and every one of us should be thankful for, is the portable mini fridge. The iceQ 15 Litre Deluxe range is a perfectly-sized portable fridge that is specifically designed to make sure that your beers are below zero when you snap into them…and they retail for well below $100. This nifty cooler will repay you many times over in the good times you will have in your man-cave!

A man-cave is a luxury we all can afford no matter how large or how minuscule your budget is. We’ve given you a great starting point – you can have your private piece of heaven and drink beer in it, too!